RIO d.o.o. is Croatian leading fashion company in the production of men’s suits, jackets, trousers and coats with over 60 years of tradition. Founded back in 1947 as the “Gradsko poduzeće udruženih malenih industrija”, to this day RIO has grown into a modern factory whose products’ quality and design follow global trends.

Today, Rijeka’s clothing industry is a thriving economic entity on both regional and national level, and falls into one of the largest Rijeka’s companies engaged in production. Together with wholesale network, RIO has its own retailers consisting of 8 shopping centers, located in major Croatian cities. In addition, customers have access to two sewing tailor lounges, in Zagreb and Rijeka.

With many years of experience RIO always adapts its offer to market demands, combining knowledge, technology and creativity in high-quality collections for men and women. Clothing is made ​​of selected materials and leading manufacturers such as Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana, while respecting the traditional ways of preparing fabric.

For years, RIO has been successfully exporting its products to European and world markets, and providing sewing and clothing manufacture services to some of the world’s most famous fashion houses: Pal Zileri, Armani, D & G, CK, Versace …

RIO primarily turns to the modern business man. In order to thoroughly follow the demands of the modern man, RIO has developed four brands in the light of the original Croatian quality for all business and personal opportunities that reflect elegance, versatility and charm: CLASSIC RIO, RIO EGO, RIO CERIMONIA and RIO HAND MADE.

In recent years RIO turned to the line of women’s clothing. Skill and creativity of the famous Croatian designer Zoran Mrvoš, who signs RIO’s female collection, and becomes a prestigious protagonist on Croatian fashion scene and imposes itself as an inevitable choice for women with refined taste of all ages – from casual and trendy clothing for leisure to formal collection for business opportunities. This unique blend of Croatian fashion design and textile industry once again confirms the RIO as an unavoidable and respected actor of the total Croatian fashion scene.

Also, in recent years one of the RIO’s key development strategies is focus on the business sector. Our production and sales policies focus in improving B2B program (work clothes program), and with the synergy of technology, skills and experience we can respond to any request in this rapidly growing market segment.



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