Custom sewing

DSC_9370cb-wRIO, among services such as free letting out, shortening and lengthening purchased clothes, recently offers a new service: custom-sewing.

If you can not find your size or do not like the fabric, the sales’ staff in our stores can help you choose; both the right model and fabrics.
Based on the models in the stores, each customer can choose a model he feels most comfortable with, and sales’ staff will offer the fabric which from the garment can be made. A wide choice of accessories is also offered, such as buttons, thread, decorative ribbons etc.
After selecting a model and fabric, our sales’ staff will take your measures, and within seven to ten days, you will have a suit made according to your needs. The fabrics from which suits are generally made, are bought in Italy. However, there customers can also bring their own fabric for the suits.
Suits can be also ordered in our retail stores.
Come by and choose your perfect suit in RIO stores.

Please drop in, and choose in RIO stores your perfect suit !


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